Public Procurement Performance Audit Guideline 2011

The main purpose of this guideline is to provide guidance when conducting performance audits on public procurement and propose applicable working methods. It is too often in the region that procured goods, services or construction work not are provided at the right price, in the right quality and at the right time. Performance audits of the efficiency and effective- ness in the national procurement systems and the processes of the procuring entities is a tool for Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) to highlight these problems in order to promote change and improvement. There are many reasons to carry out performance audits on public procurement. Due to the great financial value of the procurement and the risks involved, an effective procurement system plays a strategic role in avoiding mismanagement and waste of public funds. Failure to procure efficiently and effectively can put the achievement of key government objectives and services at risk. Therefore auditors can play an important role in improving procurement. The guideline describes the concepts underpinning performance audits of public procure- ment and explains how these audits could be selected, planned and conducted