SAIs put spotlight on protection of vulnerable coastal ecosystems

SAI Liberia brings attention to critical issues of Coastal and Marine Management with Audit and documentary film

SAI Liberia launched its Coastal and Marine Management Audit at a Symposium in Monrovia on 20 August 2018. The launch event was themed: “Enhancing the Achievements of the United Nations SDGs (13, 14 &15) by ensuring a sustainable Coastal and Marine Management”.

The Coastal and Marine Management Audit by the General Auditing Commission of Liberia (CAG) was done as part of a cooperative audit on this topic, coordinated by AFROSAI-E with support from GIZ. The SAIs of Namibia, Sudan, Seychelles, Mauritius and Tanzania also participated in the cooperative audit.

To bring greater awareness to the importance of this audit and its findings for the citizens of Liberia, a documentary film was produced with the help of the GIZ. The documentary was officially launched at the symposium and packs a powerful message on the critical importance of protecting the vulnerable coastal areas in Liberia.

During the symposium, Liberia Auditor General, Mrs Yusador Gaye, gave an overview of the audit. She emphasised that the audit shows the critical need for Liberia’s coastline to be better protected and managed by the entities responsible for these sectors. Mrs Gaye also expressed her hope that the audit, aided by the documentary film, will provide local communities with greater awareness of the impact that poor management of coastlines, marine resources and waterways has on their lives and livelihoods.

GIZ Technical Advisor, Mr Tassilo Von Droste zu Huelshoff, commended SAI Liberia for being one of the first SAIs to conclude the Coastal Audit. He emphasised the need for countries across Africa to put into place preventive methods to avoid climate change. He also called on governments to give this vital environmental issue serious attention.

The Symposium coincided with a panel discussion that included the heads of Liberia’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Liberia Maritime Authority. Both entities of Government used the occasion to prevail on government to implement the various recommendations in the report.

AFROSAI-E will issue a publication later in the year to share more on the process followed and outcomes from the cooperative audits completed by the six SAIs on Coastal and Marine Management.

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