World Environment Day 5 June 2020 – it’s Time for Nature

World Environment Day is a United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) global initiative, celebrated annually on 5 June. It is a day for everyone to actively engage in the protection of our beautiful planet.

The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the climate that makes our planet habitable, all come from nature. Therefore, to care fore ourselves, we must care for nature.

It’s time to wake up.

To take notice.

To raise our voices.

It’s time to care for and protect our natural environment, Time for Nature! #ForNature

The current Covid-19 global pandemic is a stark reminder of how intricately linked human health and wellness is to our natural surroundings. The rise of zoonotic diseases (transmission from animals to humans) are on the rise. At present, there are about 1 billion cases of illness, and millions of deaths, every year because of zoonoses.

To prevent future zoonoses, we must address the multiple threats to ecosystems and wildlife, including habitat loss and fragmentation, illegal trade, pollution, invasive species and, increasingly, climate change.

How can SAIs and individuals act #ForNature?

We all have a role to play to protect our environment. Suggestions on what you and your SAI can do:

  • Be an ‘environmental leader’ – do at least one good daily green deed to protect nature.
  • SAIs can support their governments to lead and enact strong environmental policies that protect and preserve our natural biodiversity.
  • Reduce, Recycle, Re-use, do not be wasteful and avoid buying single-use plastics.
  • Inspire others and create an awareness by e.g. beginning clean-up campaigns of waste and litter in your communities.
  • Audit plans – SAIs can increase their audit focus on the SDGs and critical environmental risks.
  • Support local business by buying local products.
  • Greening your SAI or implementing a green charter to promote good management practices within the SAI.
  • Celebrate and participate in World Environment Day every year on 5 June to show support.

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