New online course: How to audit governments’ performance on oil and gas contracts

We have just launched a new programme on our online learning platform: How to audit governments’ performance on oil and gas contracts.

The online course, developed by the Netherlands Court of Audit (NCA), builds on the insights from a regional cooperation project the SAIs of Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania, with AFROSAI-E as a partner. The regional cooperation project has been funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The online course is specifically targeted towards SAI auditors from countries (worldwide) exploring and producing oil and gas. The contracts between the government and the oil company are often called Production Sharing Contracts (PSC). Sometimes a PSC is called a PSA (Production Sharing Agreement) or Exploration and Production Sharing Contract. These are all terms for the same type of document. The information this course provides is especially useful for SAI auditors in countries using a PSC.

The course is available to all INTOSAI members. Click here to read more about the course and how to access it on the AFROSAI-E Learning Platform.