Asking the right questions – An API white paper on the questions government needs to ask for effective professional capacity building

The African Professionalisation Initiative (API) has today published a white paper to guide governments and other key stakeholders who are embarking on the journey of professionalisation.

The API is working to grow the number of professional accountants and auditors across the African public sector. The API’s approach is centred on developing and enhancing key competencies that would allow accountants and auditors in various roles in public financial management to better deliver on this important mandate.

The paper identifies and unpacks 12 questions that a government should ask about the professionalisation of accounting and auditing in the public sector. It will enable a country to determine the first steps it should take towards the vision of a public sector that is capacitated with competent, ethical and influential professionals who support accountability, transparency and good financial governance.

Read the full paper on the API website