PFM Reporting Framework website now live!

During the INCOSAI conference in 2016, theme discussions on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) brought to the forefront the vital role of SAIs in contributing to their achievement. In response, AFROSAI-E and the GIZ Good Financial Governance in Africa Programme teamed up to develop the Public Financial Management Reporting Framework (PFM RF). This tool was launched in 2018 and enables SAIs to make a meaningful contribution to the achievement of SDGs at country level.

In 2020 we launched version 2.0 as an improved version of the original tool. It is still excel-based, which allows auditors to assess the performance of PFM processes along the whole budget cycle. It is inspired by existing assessment frameworks like Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability, while catering for the specificities of the work of SAIs. The assessment covers core PFM policy making institutions such as the Ministry of Finance, Parliament and Revenue Authority, as well as important sector ministries and departments. These spending ministries are selected based on their potential contribution to the achievement of the SDGs and typically, includes the Ministries of Health and Education. In addition, the PFM RF V2.0 verifies the degree of disaster preparedness of critical PFM processes.

SAIs that have already implemented the tool, have indicated that they consider it to be a game changer in their work as it prompts them to give recommendations that address the real issues thorough root cause analysis of the PFM system holistically. The tool enables auditors to use various audit evidence gathering techniques and methods commonly used in performance, compliance and financial audits.

This dedicated website is intended to be a one-stop-shop for SAIs, practitioners and other interested parties. It serves as a marketplace for ideas on how we can improve the PFM systems in our countries and world-wide, through knowledge sharing and use of this tool. The excel based PFM RF tool is now available in English, French and Portuguese. Complementary guides and manuals in all three languages can also be accessed on this website.

We invite you to make use of the PFM Reporting Framework and encourage you to further engage with AFROSAI-E, the GIZ Good Financial Governance in Africa Programme and the community of practice.