Professionalisation of SAI auditors – Relevance & Trust

INTOSAI P-12 (The value and benefits of SAIs) emphasises that auditors remain relevant and trusted professionals in the public sector by complying with several principles, including capacity building through promoting learning and knowledge sharing (Principle 12). It is therefore important that the SAI environment promotes continuous learning and upskilling. We support this principle by implementing and enabling access to professionalisation initiatives that allow SAIs to continue to deliver quality, credible audit work.

In November 2020, we hosted online knowledge sharing sessions for SAI professionalisation champions. The main aim for these sessions was to ensure member SAIs are aware of the professionalisation initiatives that SAIs can participate in and the support available for their unique professionalisation journeys.

Key initiatives we are implementing in 2021 to support SAIs with their professionalisation efforts include:  

  • Individual SAI workshops on implementing the INTOSAI guidance on professionalisation, so that a SAI may determine their own relevant and unique professionalisation pathway.
  • Support and advice on how to formalise the available practical experience for the SAI’s auditors, including obtaining and or maintaining professional body accreditation.
  • A regional professionalisation workshop, to be held later in the year.

To take advantage of the above available, SAIs can contact Neo Hlatshwayo on through their Professionalisation Champion.