New e-learning course on managing staff for greater engagement and performance

Launching 22 February on the AFROSAI-E Learning Portal

A core part of managing a modern SAI is to ensure that the organisation can achieve success and realise its strategic goals through its people. This course will guide SAIs to understand what modern Human Resource Management entails and how HR can support the implementation of the SAI’s strategic goals through focussed HR interventions.

The e-learning course includes aminated learning material, self-reflection worksheets and additional reading material on the following topics:

  • The evolution of HR
  • A comparison of the role of HR in the SAI to the role of the Public Service Commission (PSC)
  • The four key roles of HR practitioners in the SAI
  • The importance of HR management in the SAI
  • An introduction to the Employee Life Cycle and its purpose in terms of managing human resources
  • The responsibilities of the Manager/Team Leader in relation to the employee life cycle

Target Audience: The course is available to all SAI staff. However, this workshop will benefit HR Practitioners, Corporate Services Directors and Team Leaders, Managers and Directors who want to improve their knowledge of managing staff for greater engagement and performance.

Course availability: The first cycle of this course will run from 22 February to 31 May 2021.

Expected time to complete the course: Five to six hours

Course leader: If you have questions on the content of this course, contact Marianna van Niekerk at

To enrol for the course:

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• Click on Register and complete the profile information (You will receive an email confirming access within 24hrs)

•  Go back to the e-learning site and log in using the username and password you selected in your profile information

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