AFROSAI-E seeking service provider to develop leadership programme

AFROSAI-E is looking for a service provider to develop a Senior Leadership Development Programme (SLDP). Through this course, we aim to support the senior leadership teams of our members to align their strategies, leaders/managers, and processes to improve the quality of their services and overall performance. The focus of the SLDP is to help the development of technically proficient and ethical leadership teams that are exemplary.

Interested service providers must structure their proposal in terms of the Terms of Reference.

We will hold an online session on 4 July 2022 at 10:00 (South Africa Standard Time) to supply more information to interested service providers. To join this session, please send an email request to Gorden Kandoro (

We invite qualified and competent service providers to submit a written “Technical and financial proposal for designing and piloting the SLDP materials” to Gorden Kandoro at by 22 July 2022. A committee established by AFROSAI-E will evaluate all proposals. Each applicant will receive feedback on the outcome of the evaluation.