Investing in People, the Most Valuable Resource

Developing the Human Resources Management function in SAIs is one of AFROSAI-E’s strategic imperatives, as well as one of the 5 domains of the AFROSAI-E Institutional Capacity Building Framework. For SAIs to address challenges facing the audit profession, it is of vital importance to rethink the way human resources is planned, deployed, contracted, managed and developed. To promote the progress of professional Human Resources Management within the region, AFROSAI-E has developed an Integrated Competency Framework and Human Resources Management Handbook, which were officially launched at the AFROSAI-E Technical Update in 2017.


The Integrated Competency Framework

  • Defines competencies for all the roles in the SAI.
  • Defines functional knowledge and functional skills for all the roles.
  • Clusters the audit competencies according to the audit flow process.
  • Includes behavioural competencies required for in SAIs.
  • Defines and incorporates leadership competencies.

The Human Resource Handbook

  • Aims to assist the SAI in implementing an HRM function.
  • Helps build a solid foundation for professionalisation of the HR function.
  • Enables leaders to manage their people more effectively.
  • Allow for customisation of current HR practices in the SAI.
  • Provides standards of best practice and practical examples from SAIs in the region.

For more information, refer to the Human Resources Handbook